Sleep Easy Set, Burnt Orange

$86 $101


Gentle on skin and hair for the best sleep and everyday wear

Sleeping on silk helps retain moisture in both your hair and skin, which means smoother skin, less-tangled hair, and all-over hydration for you


  • One 22  Momme pillowcase
  • 100% mulberry silk, highest grade 6A, 
  • Queen/international standard (approx. 51 x 76 cm / 20 x 30 in.)
  • Envelope closure

Eye Mask

  • One 22  Momme silk eye mask
  • 100% mulberry silk, highest grade 6A
  • Pure silk floss filling
  • Elastic band covered with silk

Our name is inspired by the Greek word meraki, which means to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work. We seek to bring this sprit, along with a balance between energies of passion and calmness, and a grounded connection between body and mind, to every step we take toward bringing high quality silk products into your home and life.

Fabric for Care and Rest

The soft, light feeling brought by high quality silk textures can inspire sensations like floating gently through clouds. High quality silk bedding can be one part of caring for your body and mind. Reduce skin and hair creases, regulate temperature, retain moisture, and sink into a luxurious rest every night with Muraki silk.  

Luxury Every Day

Our meticulous selection of high grade 100% mulberry silk with a weight of 22 Momme ensures that Muraki silk provides the perfect balance of weight and quality to make luxurious silk a part of your every day. 

Washable Silk

Like many of the most beautiful things, silk is delicate. With mindful care with washing and drying, Muraki silk products could last years.

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