The region of China where I grew up has a rich history of silk production, and some of my earliest memories are of spending time with my father as he worked in our local silk market. As a child, I was surrounded by what seemed like an endless array of vibrant flowing colors and textures. I wore silk clothing all summer long, I slept in silk pajamas, and my bedding sets were all made from silk. Still vivid for me is the memory of the soft, light feeling brought by those textures every night; like floating gently through clouds. 

After relocating to the United States and beginning a new phase of my life here, I founded Muraki in order to keep alive my connection to my hometown and family, and to share this weightless and restful experience with others.

The name Muraki is derived from the Greek meraki and speaks to a drive to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work. I seek to bring this sprit, along with a balance between energies of passion and calmness, and a grounded connection between body and mind, to every step we take toward bringing high quality silk products into your home and life.

Iris Pan, Founder